Monday, November 24, 2008

Yet more good news!

Sadly, animals can and do become "less than perfect" through their treatment at the hands of human beings. Though nothing can ever really restore an animal's full trust once damaged, there are happily programs to help make up for it. Here's one to read about.

Finally! Some Good News from the Gulf

Back on Nov. 5, I posted about the American military's policy of leaving behind "adopted" pets in war zones. Now, thanks to one of the contributors to Almost Perfect, I can pass on this wonderful followup to this story. Very heartening, indeed.

It's just the way he rolls...

See, y'all -- kewl karts aren't just for dogs! Check out this great vid of Woolly the Rabbit and his homemade wheels. I'm guessing this would get the Flyin' Ruby Stamp of Approval!