Friday, March 20, 2009

A Deeper Connection With Animals

My friend and colleague, Dawn Baumann Brunke, is an accomplished writer and soul seeker. We've collaborated on a series of middle grade coloring books called Who Lives Here?, which I'm looking into having re-published. Meanwhile. Dawn's been exploring how humans can connect on a deeper level with animals through her "Animal Voices" book series. Some of the material delves into dealing with animals' pain and how they deal with it themselves, which is something many people wonder about, whether their pets are "almost perfect" or not.

She recently lost her old pal, Zak, to old age. Though it was of course sad, because of what she knows about animals' lives, Dawn is able to take a philosophical view. She knows they'll meet again.

You might want to learn a bit more about Dawn and her work. I think you'll be fascinated.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frankie, the Walk n' Roll Dog!

Barbara Techel blogs about her fabulous little dachshund, Frankie, at Joyful Paws, which is an extension of her website. Frankie suffered a ruptured vertebrae that paralyzed her back legs and now she rolls along instead of walking. And yes -- we see that Frankie also has velvet ears!

Barbara was so inspired by Frankie's zest for life that she wrote about it in an award-winning children's book.

She's now working on a second book also starring Frankie, so stay tuned!

Yes, sometimes it's actually funny.

Most of us who were raised with any manners at all were taught not to laugh at those who are different. And disability is not often funny. But in this case, you can hardly keep from laughing.

Monster the Cat has a vocal cord condition that makes it sound like he's singing when he yawns, and,'s funny! And since he's not suffering at all, you don't have to feel bad laughing. Take a look for yourself.

Zoe, the Earless Kitten

Here's a touching story with a moral lesson and a happy ending. And it's now been made into a book - one written by a young girl. Great to see such a young person sticking up for the rights of animals and actually doing something to make things better. You GO, Lexy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No-Kill Shelters and Animal Adoptions

Check out Jana's blog, "Writing Today's Wrongs." She blogs on all kinds of things, as she explains: "This blog is dedicated to the many moral issues in American society that need action. The main danger to the rights and lives of humans and animals is lack of general knowledge by the public! This blog will try to right the wrongs of today by giving readers factual information and weapons to fight inequality and injustice in American society."

Bless her heart for spending her time to work for the betterment of all. Oh, that more people would feel such things are important enough.