Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catch me on Steve Dale's Pet World Radio this Saturday!

Hey, Y'all -

Well, Steve did call me and we had a nice chat about disabled pets and our book, Almost Perfect. Turns out it was not live, but being taped, so sorry if anyone tried to tune in and couldn't figure out what was going on.

What a nice guy. He really cares about critters. And boy, 15 minutes sure flies by fast when you're talking about things you care passionately about! I was bummed not to have the chance to give out our Web address, but hey -- Steve mentioned the book title quite a few times. Thanks, Steve!

You can catch the show either by visiting WLS' On Demand Weekend Radio or by going directly to Steve's site. He says the shows remain posted for a week.

Hope you have a chance to catch it!

Listen for us on Steve Dale's PetWorld Radio Show!

Okay, y'all. Here's one I owe to Ms. Vicki for "suggesting" I send a copy of Almost Perfect to Steve Dale, longtime pet champion, now at Chicago's WLS radio station. Apparently, he dug it, because I got a call today asking if I'd do an interview about the book today at noon CST. Gee, I think I could manage that...

Steve Dale

For those of you not familiar with Steve's show, it's called PetWorld Radio, and it's VERY popular. Steve hosts this one-hour weekly talk show, syndicated to over 65 stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. During this fun and informative hour, Steve chats with leading pet book authors during his "Pick of the Litter" segment. (Wow -- I'm a leading pet author -- woo hoo!)

He also talks with veterinarians about issues that affect the quality of life of our furry family members. Most importantly, Steve helps listeners with pet issues from cats missing litter boxes, to dogs that are too anxious to be left alone. Steve's compassion for animals is legendary and he wants your pets and you to have a happy home.

Regular features include "Real People, Real Pets" which involves Steve chatting up regular folks on the street with irregular questions about their pets, and "Vets on Pets," the only radio segment officialy endorsed by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). And each week, he travels the globe to bring you the latest and strangest "Animal News" segment.

Steve just joined WLS 890 AM in Chicago with his show. "Steve Dale's Pet World" airs at 2 p.m. Saturday, with an additional hour available on-demand at

He says we'll be chatting for about 15 minutes, so hope you can listen in. I'm flattered to be invited.