Thursday, December 11, 2008

Diva Dog!

"There is an emotional connection where animals and human beings have created exactly what the universe wants, which is a bonding that saves each others' lives." Debra Wilson gets it right in "Diva Dog," a Chris Cory film now running on YouTube. It's a brief introduction to Coral, a spunky, lively and altogether charming pitbull who's teaching the real meaning of getting on with life despite one's limitations.

"That's what makes her story and legacy so important, because she touches you and moves you, and you become transformed," Wilson says, describing her experience with Coral.

It's a story familiar to our own Vicki Tiernan, whose beautiful Dobie-Lab mix Ruby did the diva thing in San Francisco, inspiring people for years in her own inimitable way. Ruby graces the cover of Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them.


Vicki said...

It IS a story familiar to me (Ruby's mom), and I think the folks who made this video did a *phenomenal* job. It SO reminded me of Ruby, especially when the gentleman says that he can't imagine a creature being so unaffected by such a major change in her life. That is exactly the way Ruby was. Go, Diva Dog!! May you free-wheel your way right into super star status!

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