Monday, September 29, 2008

A neat related blog

Go on over and check out "The Lehners In France," a wonderfully critter-ridden blog of the most fantastic kind. Here's part of the official description:

"Lehners in France - Nain de la Ville, Dordogne, France
Born in Liverpool, worked in Sales all of my working life. I am now at last happily married (after one very brief disaster) and living in rural France with my husband Bob, a vet, born in Kenya. We live here with our menagerie of mentally or physically deformed pets. This is a diary of our trials and tribulations and the wierd and wonderful experiences we enjoy"
How can ya not want to check this out?

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Lehners in France said...

Hi Mary thankls for calling over to France and commenting on my blog. Your write up here is very kind, thank-you. I wish you lots of luck with your new blog and will link you to mine. Please find below a couple of links you may enjoy, both Cath and Sandy thake part in "Camera Critters" which you may enjoy and like to get involved with.
Kind regards Debs x