Friday, October 3, 2008

A related organization

Tonight's post is about a fantastic organization, Pets With Disabilities.

Pets with Disabilities is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the adoption of dogs and cats with disabilities. The organization serves as a shelter and an adoption placement aid for animals that have been injured through trauma or disabled by illness. Pets with Disabilities provides invaluable support and resources for the families of disabled pets and for shelters attempting to place special-needs animals into loving homes. For the animals it helps place, Pets With Disabilities is a bridge to a better life; for the few that it cannot place, Pets With Disabilities is a lifelong home.

Check 'em out, and remember to leave a little note of thanks for all the good they do for our beloved critters.

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VickiT said...

What a *great* sounding organization. Bless Joyce Darrell and Michael Dickerson for starting it.