Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stylin' Stella!

Well, apparently the world's full of critters who are "less than perfect," and they're all welcome here! This week's featured LTPP (Less Than Perfect Pet) is Ms. Stella Stiletto.

You just gotta love her if only for the name! But you will love her...and her daddy, who's an artist, and takes WAY good care of our orange girl. You gotta love an orange chick whose MySpace page says, "I have no feet and I don't care!"

Cattitude, folks. We know what it looks like, and we love it. Welcome to the land of Who Cares, Stella! You're the unofficial mayor!

1 comment:

Lehners in France said...

Human cruelty knows now bounds does it! It's one thing when an animal is born disabled or disfigured or becomes so as a result of an accident, but for a "human" being to inflict this on an animal is completely another thing altogether.
I am thankful she has been found a loving home. Debs x