Sunday, September 28, 2008

Of Like Minds

Here's a great post from Chris Davis, who shares a wonderful story about a differently abled pet whose visage was just a little too much for some people to take. Ginger, a one-eyed dog who survived awful abuse, nevertheless managed to come to her new mom, Fran, as a service dog.

How could the image of this loving pup be so disturbing to anyone? What's the threat?

This is why we need to have this discussion. Thanks, Chris, for putting this information out there!


VickiT said...

Extraordinary story, Chris -- NOT the part about the clueless (and far less than perfect) contest sponsors, but the part about the ones with 20/20 vision: Fran Baumgartner and Ginger. When I read "They communicate with their eyes, Fran says, even if they are one eye short," I lost it (in a good way). Thank DOG Fran and Ginger found each other, but hey, they each had "perfect" vision for the things that really count -- how could they not?

Roberta said...

Ginger is not only lovely, but lucky!

Lehners in France said...

Mary, I don't understand peoples vanity with animals. I know of a horse in the UK who had a wart closse to his eye. His owners decided they could not live with this blemish, so decided to treat it with acid! The result? The horse reared in pain, the acid went everywhere. Woodie lost his eye and is scarred for life down the left handside of his face and body. The owners didn't want him anymore. He has been with Jenny now for fifteen years, he is twenty-three. She loves him dearly and cleans his eye socket every day. A happy ending to needless cruelty. Debs x
P.S. Good luck with your blog and the book.